This is my home on the internet. As in my real life I'm usually any place but at home. Hopefully I will keep this interesting enough for you to enjoy visiting.

Peridia 1st Hole As of July 23, 2018 I became a resident of Florida in the Sarasota area. The move was a rather spontaneous decision back in March 2018 when I made my first trip here, a trip to enjoy a Jones & Company FNDP (Friday Night Dance Party). Short version of the story. Arrived in Sarasota Wednesday evening. Was on the air Thursday morning. Had lunch with David, his wife Shari, and Meredith (aka M&M) at the Old Salty Dog. While sitting there I perked up and told them, "I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for a sequence of events (another story). It didn't register, but, in the back of my mind the "here right now" meant more than this moment. After lunch I decided to tour around the area to see what it was like. No thought about moving came to mind. Had dinner with some cruise friends. Nothing in the conversation about moving, just comments about how nice Sarasota is. Friday morning I go out to Siesta Key beach and as soon as my feet hit the sand I'm thinking, "I can walk this every day. It would be good to add it to my fitness regimen." Nothing more than that, just an off the cuff thought. When I returned to my hotel room I thought, "Let me check Zillow to get a feel of the price of homes in the area." Still, the word "move" was not in my conscious. Okay, a little pricier than Rochester, but, understandable. I'm eating lunch and just about to finish up when BAM, it hits me, "I made a decision to move here and I'm just realizing it." That was it. And here I am.

"Palm trees and 80 degrees! Life is good."

This photo was taken on a cruise ship. Love to cruise, ask my friends. They feel like I'm always going on cruises. That's probably because I'm talking about either the past ones or the next ones. My first cruise was in April '97. I have been on 27 cruises, including 12 cruises with "Kathy & Friends", a group consisting mostly of people from Indianapolis, but there are people from across the country.

I officially retired October 18, 2018. That was the decision day. I had planned to work until I was 70. Love software development, especially the ERP area. For those who don't know ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. That still doesn't help? I'm not surprised. ERP is the software that integrates processes across busines functions. In other words, there are modules for the various "departments" in a business, especially one with production. From beginning to end - CRM (Customer Resource Management), Marketing, Estimating, Sales, Order Entry, Order Processing, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing (Labor and Machine) reporting, the collection of Accounting processes, and others.