Fall '98 / Carnival's Sensation Fun Day at Sea

As I mentioned on my home page, there's a group that I have been a part of for many years, "Kathy & Friends". Kathy is the cruise consultant who puts it all together. I call her our "Cruise Lady". That's Kathy front right in this photo. We're enjoying a "Fun Day at Sea". Good times include a "Happy Hour At 5 In My Cabin", featuring specialty drinks - The Bushwhacker.


Fall '97 / Carnival's Imagination
"Happy Hour at 5 In My Cabin"

I'll save you the trouble of counting - there are 18 of us in the cabin. We have since 'expanded' our facilities - I now get a balcony cabin to accomodate a larger crowd.

Times have changed and we have too. Our happy hours are now enjoyed in our balcony cabins, with the dividers opened. We moved the party outdoors!

Favorite Port?

That's a tough one. It used to be Cozumel - more about this later. So many ports have something to offer. Or is it because we have so much fun whereever we go? Well, I am doing a study and will select a Favorite Port some time in the future.

Cozumel and the Fiesta Party Boat...
Oct '00 / Carnival's Victory

That's the party boat. You don't see anyone on it because they are all down on the first deck partying. There's a live band and great hosts who keep the party rockin' the whole time - from before we leave the pier until we return. And there they are! Folks, it doesn't get any better than this.  Oct '97 / Carnival's Imagination

There are good times and sad times... In the late 90's a typical stop in Cozumel would be something like this... The Fiesta Party boat, followed by Pancho's Backyard restaurant for a great mexican dinner, and finishing off the evening at Carlos 'n Charlies. Party! Party! Party! The sad news is - times change, things change. The party boat is no longer what it used to be. We now head for the beach. Then Pancho's. We didn't get to Carlos 'n Charlies in '09 either. BUT! We still had a great day!

Cruise Log
Sail Date
Ship Itinerary Cruise
25 2017
Eastern Caribbean WSRZ Morning Crews #17
24 2017
Western Caribbean Kathy & Friends
23 Nov 6 16
Western Caribbean WSRZ Morning Crews #16
Love these guys! Jones & Crane (DJs) and their fans; 397 of them.
22 Nov 14 15
Eastern Caribbean WSRZ Morning Crews #15
Oldies But Goodies! Not the people, the music.
21 Oct 25 14
Carnival Liberty Eastern Caribbean Kathy & Friends
One of my favorite itineraries.
20 Oct 26 13
Carnival Liberty Eastern Caribbean Kathy & Friends
Back with cruise friends. I love these guys!
19 Nov 15 12
RC Jewel of the Seas Cozumel WSRZ Morning Crews #11
18 Oct 26 12
Carnival Liberty Eastern Caribbean Kathy & Friends
Back with cruise friends.
17 Oct 16 11
Carnival Freedom Western Caribbean WSRZ Morning Crews #10
16 Oct 26 10
Carnival Victory Southern Caribbean Kathy & Friends
For me, nothing beats a cruise.
15 Oct 19 09
Carnival Destiny Eastern Caribbean Kathy & Friends
It's good to be back cruising - part 2. Great friends. Special memories.
14 Oct 14 09
Carnival Destiny Western Caribbean Kathy & Friends
It's good to be back cruising! Great group.
13 Oct 28 07
Carnival Triumph Eastern Caribbean Kathy & Friends
I really need to cruise at least once a year!
12 Oct 31 05
Carnival Spirit Mexican Riveria Kathy & Friends
Phew! It's tough missing a year.
11 Oct 26 03
Carnival Destiny Southern Caribbean Kathy & Friends
One of my best cruises! Great crew!
10 May 27 02
Grand Princess Western Caribbean Baldwinsville Class of '69
Another cruise, another group, still a great time!
9 Oct 28 01
Carnival Elation Mexican Riveria Kathy & Friends
9/11 made for many interesting conversations. Saw my first whale. I call this itinerary the "Love Boat" cruise.
8 Oct 29 00
Carnival Victory Western Caribbean Kathy & Friends
Missed debarkation out of Miami due to flight being held up by weather. Boarded next morning in Key West - Carnival took care of re-scheduling flights and overnight hotel - using Air Aweigh pays off.
7 Sep 10 00
NCL Majesty Bermuda Seminar At Sea with Kathy (but we didn't room together). Sailed out of Boston. Bermuda is a beautiful place. Don't miss watching the ship entering the harbor!
6 Apr 16 00
Carnival Paradise Eastern Caribbean Went with friend Karen. Paradise is non-smoking, and a beautiful ship.
5 Sep 20 99
Carnival Imagination Kathy & Friends
Same ship, different cabin. Same fun time group!
4 Sep 16 99
Carnival Imagination Kathy & Friends
First half of a nine day cruise!
3 Oct 24 98
Carnival Sensation Eastern Caribbean Kathy & Friends
Repeat, of first cruise, except now I'm in good company. Fun, fun, fun.
2 Oct 18 97
Carnival Imagination Western Caribbean Kathy & Friends
Kathy read my review of Sensation cruise ("Sealetter") and invited me to join her group. I haven't looked back.
1 Apr 19 97
Carnival Sensation Eastern Caribbean Went solo. Got hooked. Discovered the Bushwhacker at "The Bar" in St. Thomas.