This is my home on the internet. As in my real life I'm usually any place but at home. Hopefully I will keep this interesting enough for you to enjoy visiting.

This photo was taken on a cruise ship. I love to cruise, ask my friends. They feel like I'm always going on cruises. That's because I'm talking about either the past ones or the next ones. My first cruise was in April '97. My favorite cruise line is Carnival. I have been on 16 cruises including 12 cruises with "Kathy & Friends", a group consisting mostly of people from Indianapolis, but there are people from across the country.

Fitness ... A new gym opened up right around the corner from where I work. Planet Fitness. Started up mid-January, 2009. I like the gym. It serves my fitness needs at a great rate.

I am a member of the Asbury First United Methodist Church and active in the Living EDGE Class, one of the adult education classes.

There are so many good causes to support. One of my favorites is Habitat for Humanity. Specifically Rochester's affiliate, Flower City Habitat for Humanity. Asbury First was part of the SEARCH 2003 coalition along with Lutheran Church - Incarnate Word, St. Paul's Episcopal and Third Presbytarian. We built a home at 118 Fulton Ave. Back in November 1999 the Downtown Churches for Habitat coalition was created to sponsor a house. House construction started in August of 2000 and the house became a home in March 2001.